Eternal Life

Dara Horn

PUBLISHED 01.08.2018

10.22.2018 – 10.24.2018

GENRE Fiction

An Unnecessary Woman

The Blind Assassin


Always read Dara

Old ladies, man.

Books about old ladies, man. I love them. This old lady wasn’t as crabby as The Blind Assassin or An Unnecessary Woman, but no matter the variety of old lady, there’s something so much fun about reading about their rich inner lives, their creaky knees and regrets and wisdom, and this is the oldest lady yet. The mood in this book was interesting; it has a real sense of futility and impermanence but Horn managed to imbue the book with passion if not quite optimism.

This isn’t Dara Horn’s best book but that’s when you grade on a Dara Horn curve. The historical stuff was absolutely fascinating, the personalities and prose were incredible – the blockchain stuff fell a little short for me, but I ran into this in Guide for the Perplexed, in which the science was also not as engaging to me as the history. In general historical fiction can fall flat for me, but Dara is the best; the stuff in her books set in the past is always engaging and fresh, well-researched without being so exhaustive as to be boring. I bought this book fresh off the shelf, full price (a signed copy even!) and I’ve never regretted a purchase less. I can’t wait to read her next, and her next, and her next.