In the Woods

Tana French

PUBLISHED 05.17.2007

12.16.2014 – 12.19.2014

GENRE Mystery


can’t say enough how good this was!!!! a really excellent mystery and a good thriller. as i have probably said before, i am not great at guessing mysteries, so i saw some of the whodunit coming, but i definitely didn’t predict the entire thing, which was excellent. the twist didn’t feel like a gotcha moment but rather something that, once it was revealed, was inevitable, fully baked. the book comes with the usual murder-mystery-ableism so it’s not perfect but it’s highly enjoyable and i’ll definitely keep reading the series. the writing was beautiful, really lyrical and truly chilling at times.

it’s now a few days shy of two years since i finished this book. in that time i’ve reread it, enjoyed it, recommended it to anyone who would listen, and am still enthralled. it seeps into your head. the fact that the ending doesn’t resolve every thread is brave and wonderful. to this day, one of the best mysteries i’ve ever read. reading this made listening to people talk about gone girl – a great book! – frustrating, because every time what i wanted to respond with was, “yeah okay buthave you read in the woods????

this book has never let me forget its kind of mossy-green-gray haze, the feeling of sinking into rob ryan’s mental quicksand, how the waves of confusion and clarity swept you along. her words are precise and clipped or fluid and lyrical as needed, never losing plot or character threads. 

this is one of those books that i consider buying up extra copies of so i can give them out as gifts. literally cannot recommend this enough.