The Goldfinch

Donna Tartt

PUBLISHED 09.23.2013

05.12.2014 – 05.15.2014

GENRE Fiction


this book was a synesthesia dream: textured – bright purple at times and dull burnt umber at others. brassy. quiet and muffled. except for some climactic scenes when it went a bright icy blue, staccato, glittering anxiously. the whole thing was like formerly-creamy, like the edges of butter that’s sat in the fridge unwrapped maaaybe a little too long.

i absolutely couldn’t put it down – read it at a breakneck pace over three days, sneaking pages in at work and skipping my usual tv-watching to read instead. the last 30 pages or so are absolutely transformative; no one writes absolutely nothing happening with as much heart and skill as donna tartt, as far as i am concerned.

the middle dragged a little, hence the 4/5, but the payoff is so incredible it’s worth slogging through that little bit.